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Fierce Fish Fermented Fertilizer

Biologically active with beneficial probiotics, indigenous microorganisms, and mycelium to support healthy plant growth.


Discover Fermented Fish Fertilizer by Fierce Fish

Fierce Fish Fertilizer was created to fulfill a need for a more balanced soil web. Through multiple years of experimentation, we have developed our concentrated formula soil soak

The Benefits

The health and wellbeing of the planet and all living things on it start in the soil.

Plant growth needs a multitude of minerals and other supports to reach its maximum health. A healthy soil web, filled with indigenous microorganisms and mycelium, support plant roots and structure, thereby increasing nutrient availability in the plant. This equals a larger, healthier plant, higher in nutrient levels to ultimately increase your own bodys health levels when you eat it. All of the fish we use is sustainably sourced wild Pacific bycatch, or other fish that cannot be marketed for human consumption


The Gardens & Results

Using Fierce Fish Fermented Fish Fertilizer in association with an active mulching program will increase the yields and overall health of your plants and crops.

Healthy food from the ground up

The health and wellbeing of the planet and all living things on it start in the soil.

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Proven Results

This organic fertilizer is blowing my mind! My veggie garden is loving it. Highly recommended for healthy soil and big harvests.”

— Gord Daniel

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